Not comfortable to explain myself….

It’s not easy to describe myself in this way………..

I love being who I am………..I just wanna make others happy……My biggest dream is world peace, prosperity for all people in the world, and same opportunity to access education, health center, food, and justice. I hate seeing people killing each others…..

I just want love for everyone….We just live one life, one time, We never come back or roll up the time…..So, if we have chance to help others people. Why don’t we take that, do we?

Share Love….


2 responses

13 02 2009

Assalamualaykum Astrii….
Wah wah,, harus ada kuliah elektronika industri agar dirimu muncul di dunia per-blog-an…

Ditunggu karya dan pemikiran luar biasa mu…


3 03 2009

hmmm… when strength is combined with beauty…
i wonder if there are another mark anthony and caesar in this epoch too, haha
welcome in the blogging world…

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